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Your skills could be our next big thing. Drop your CV! We're also open to interns!

Recruitment process.


Upload your CV.

Every great adventure starts with a leap of faith! Don't be afraid and send us your CV. We do not judge people by their cover or years of experience - our highest values are your skills, commitment, responsibility and willingness to learn. If your CV and portfolio demonstrate these qualities, an invitation to an interview is only a matter of time!



During our first conversation, authenticity is paramount. We want to get to know you as a person, your story and hear about your skills and achievements from your mouth. Be prepared for about an hour-long talk.


Technical stuff.

After a successful interview, all we have to do is get acquainted with the skills that you posess. The course of this stage is fully dependent on the advancement of your career and what you presented during the interview. In some cases, a test task or a second interview with our client may be necessary.

If you are applying for an internship or apprenticeship, don't worry! We do not refuse anyone to help in learning.



Congratulations, that's all! The entire recruitment process is behind you! It's time to sign the contract and start our fruitful and jolly cooperation! By joining us, you can count on joint creation with an equally committed team, flexible working hours with core hours and support in further career development.