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Re;codeit is a software house built of professionals. Our portfolio includes over 100 successfully completed projects. We work with small companies and the biggest players in many industries. We offer outsourcing services, we facilitate quick scaling of development teams thanks to body leasing, and we also create and maintain dedicated software. Gain a solid technological advantage over the competition thanks to partnership with a team that cares about your interest and satisfaction from cooperation.

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We provide extensive services: from proprietary applications and platforms, through SaaS software, to landing pages and business sites that put you and your project in the best light. Our solutions work well while being used by thousands of users simultaneously. We guarantee our clients visibility and a stable source of income. Knowledge of cloud solutions and years of experience enable us to create a scalable and stable product. We focus on proven technologies that are efficient, optimized for SEO and cross-platform.

We create hybrid applications that can be made available on multiple platforms. Thanks to this, you gain a guarantee of wide product availability, without the difficulties resulting from the development of different versions of the application. Our services are tailor-made and fully adapted to your needs. You can count on the support of UI/UX designers, project managers, testers and full-stack developers. Their input will make your idea a world-class mobile application. We also regularly cooperate with a game development team, providing technical and design support, as well as enabling our clients to enter the mobile gaming market.

Regardless of what solution you need, by working with us you can also count on support in the design and specification phase. We have experience in building desktop applications in Windows, MacOS and Linux environments, in the field of both CAD and intra-company messengers or project management software. We will start cooperation with a thorough examination of your needs and work with your team to develop the best possible solution. It will significantly save your team's time - and your costs. You can count on our ingenuity and sincere desire to improve the efficiency of your business.

The backend is the foundation of any well-functioning project. In addition to storing and using data, it performs complex operations that make the software efficient. Even if it is not a part visible to the user, the application cannot function properly without it. It resides in the cloud. The backend we create is scalable and secure. We adapt it to the application's requirements and your development team's needs. We specialize in algorithmics and optimization, which allows us to relieve the servers and cloud consumption as much as possible. Our backend can be used between multiple versions of the application, regardless of the platform on which it is located. We also support the creation and migration of the backend to the cloud.

We provide knowledge, experience and professionalism of our specialists. By cooperating with us, you can count on flexibility and significant savings in relation to employment at your own expense and responsibility. If you need support in building a team with the right competencies, we are here to help.

Our designers and graphic designers provide the most optimal solutions for customer products. They have knowledge of well-converting, modern and timeless designs. Whether it's a website, mobile application or any other software - their experience in UI and UX guarantees a good reception by any identified user base. We also have experience in branding, rebranding and building the visual identity of companies.