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What services do you offer?

We operate on the basis of outsourcing and outstaffing. We specialize in fully taking over the obligations of the IT department / development team and complementing their competences. We develop custom software, including mobile and desktop applications, backends and websites.


How does the billing look like?

Settlements, just like our projects, are tailored to the specifics of working with the client and specific projects.

In the case of projects such as the creation of a website, online store or tool, it will be cooperation assuming payment for the entire order or for each of its stages.

It can be fixed-price and the stages implemented within it, or cooperation on time&material terms and project implementation in agile methodologies. Everything depends on our individual arrangements and customer needs. For solutions with a fixed shape or regularly developed, we recommend cooperation based on agile methodologies.


What is the waiting time for a quote?

The waiting time depends on the scope of information provided by the client. We assume that with full specification we will prepare a quote within 3 business days. In the absence of it, we can provide a valuation in the form of price ranges within 7 business days. There is also the possibility of preparing specifications by us, based on information from the client, at a price depending on the size of the project. If the client decides not to cooperate with us, he still obtains a specification that he can freely use.


How does the cooperation look like?

In the first step, we arrange a call, during which we get to know the client's vision and ideas. Then, in the case of outsourcing orders, we familiarize ourselves with the specification or (in the case of smaller projects) the basic assumptions of the order. After signing the contract, we proceed to the implementation of the project and its phased verification. We are in constant contact with all our clients. However, in the case of outstaffing orders, the client obtains a CV database of available specialists and then makes a selection. Then the specialist joins the client's team on defined terms.


What technologies do you specialize in?

Web dev: React.js, Next.js.
Mobile dev: Flutter i React Native.
Software dev: PWA, Unity, C#.
Backend/API: Node.js, .NET, PHP.
Chmura: Azure, Firebase, AWS.
Design: Adobe XD, Figma, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator.


What is needed for a project valuation?

In the case of medium and large projects, the project specification is required and it ought to contain at least a list of functional requirements of the project, and preferably also non-functional requirements along with the project vision statement. For smaller projects, answers to the brief are enough.


Do you transfer the copyrights after the project is developed?

It depends on the client and the project. By default, our quotes assume full transfer of copyright to the project, and in the case of medium and large projects, they also include transfer of access to the source code and project documentation. However, if the client decides not to obtain full copyrights, he can count on a reduction in the value of the order by no less than 30%.


How much does a website cost?

We price all orders individually.


How long does it take to make a website?

The time of development is usually influenced by the complexity of ideas and amount of information that needs to be included - typical websites that we build take about 1-3 weeks to make. More advanced, custom made websites tend to take 3-6 weeks. Stores are created in about 2 to 6 weeks.


What should I prepare before the design of my website starts?

We're going to require information about: your business, your brand, the purpose of your website, the design styles you like and the content (texts and images) that you'd want to place on your website. If prefer us to pick and prepare the content, we can help you with that.


What do I get along with my website?

Along with help of professional designers and developers who will take care of your website and make it as well-converting as possible, you'll also get: free 1-year hosting of your domain and mailbox, 1-year SSL certificate, 1-year guarantee, an admin panel to edit your website's content, Google Search Console integration, automatic updates of the underlying software, automatic backups and basic SEO and performance optimization. You'll be more than well prepared to enter the Internet.


Do you provide the source code of the projects?

By default, our valuations assume the transfer of the full source code to the project along with the code documentation after the completion of the project. Depending on the arrangements, it is also possible to view the source code on an ongoing basis during the execution of the order, but it is associated with fees. If the client does not expect access to the source code, the price of the order decreases.


What does communication look like during cooperation?

In addition to the standard update when the next stages are presented, our clients are in constant contact with the project managers responsible and the account manager. Thanks to this, they are regularly informed about the progress of work and can ask about its status and progress at any time. Customers also have access to the current status of work via our servers.


How can I contact you?

By scheduling a call, writing to our office email or calling us.

How to proceed.

If you are interested in cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer all your questions and dispel doubts. You don't have to be an IT expert - that's our role. You also do not have to have a full vision and answers to all questions - we will help and advise you based on our expertise. Join over 40 companies that have trusted Recodeit and built their products.