Educational platform

  • React

  • TypeScript

  • Node.js

  • MongoDB

Dyktanda.pl allows users to solve dictations, track learning progress, participate in numerous types of competitions with prizes and compete in rankings. It implements solutions supporting learning Polish in schools, as well as supervising children's learning by parents.

Since July 2020, when work on the updated version of the platform has been completed, it has been constantly developed and enriched with additional functions. A very strong emphasis was placed on the automation of activities - e.g. generating links in the content of essays, verifying the level of plagiarism of essays or selecting recommended links. A mobile application was also created.

The platform is very popular - it has many users and you can regularly observe a lot of traffic on it. Despite the use of the latest technologies, it maintains high positions in search results.

  • 60 000 users

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